Account funding is provided by our partner XE Forex, one of the largest global FX payment providers

Pay with your Visa, Mastercard, Debit card or UK bank account. You can transfer from your browser or download the mobile app for Apple or Android

Please send us a screenshot of your deposit if you would like your deposit fast tracked. Deposits clear in 1-2 business days as standard

Deposits are free of charge. Minimum account sizes are : £1000 or $1000 or €1000

Please use the following reference information on all transfers : YLD Educational Services 181253

Scroll through the screens below to follow the process. It is Create account, Create Beneficiary, Create Transaction, Receive email confirmation and Monitor the payment status

The Account details to enter (please copy and paste to avoid errors):

Intermediary Bank : Lloyds TSB, London
IBAN : GB57LOYD30963411623583

Beneficiary Bank : Boslil Bank Limited, Willie Volney Drive, Massade, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia
Account Number : 11623583

Payment Reference : YLD Educational Services 181253
Recipient Email Address : [email protected]